Blue shark in the Azores with a hook in its mouth dragging a fishing long line.

Projects we support

Charter Haus AG is committed to contributing to environmental and social projects. We support outcome driven projects, particularly those with local impact. We visit the projects on the ground to learn first-hand about the problem, the team and the progress, as well as to establish mutual trust. We are happy and proud for the opportunity to constantly learn from our engagement with such impactful initiatives.

Shark research and conservation

The ocean covers 71pc of the planet’s surface and provides livelihoods, protein, climate control, biodiversity and other resources for hundreds of millions of people globally.

The ocean is also fundamental to Charter Haus' and the shipping industries daily activities and ongoing success. Actively contributing to improving the health of the world’s oceans and its marine life is integral to our organisation.

Sharks play a crucial role in keeping the balance of the marine eco-systems and the decline of shark populations is threatening the integrity of marine habitats worldwide.


"Charky" is a highly endangered bottlenose wedgefish in Mozambique tagged for the first time.

Charter Haus AG has helped finance a pop-up satellite archival tag for ongoing marine research by the Marine Megafauna Foundation to understand some of the most endangered marine fishes in the world. For the first time researchers working in the Bazaruto National Park in Mozambique were able to tag and track an endangered bottlenose wedgefish, almost three meters in length. This data represents a crucial first step towards protecting these charismatic ocean giants within and around the national park, enabled by the support of Charter Haus AG.

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Child protection and empowerment of young women

Globalization and trade has brought wealth and development to many, but has also contributed to inequalities and the exploitation of vulnerable populations. 

Charter Haus AG visited the institution Access Nepal in 2018 and was impressed with the efforts to eradicate child labor, provide food and safe shelter to children and to provide opportunities to empower young women.  


Children and young women involved with Access Nepal project. 

Charter Haus AG contributed to complete a Transit Home in Kathmandu in 2021 and via regular contact and updates we are able to follow the progress of the different projects they lead.

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