Charter Haus AG is a competitive and independent ship broker founded in 2020 with locations in Switzerland, Singapore & Germany. We are a dynamic start-up consisting of a young team with the ambition to serve our customers to the highest standard.

About Charter Haus


Our employees hold vast, diverse experience and have developed a wide network of ship owners, charterers, suppliers, receivers, port agents, as well as price reporting agencies.

In order to successfully compete with our larger competitors, we have adopted a product specific approach to shipbroking.  We follow the prices; we are in steady contact with cargo interests and we account for the traded volumes for most of the products our clients move.  

The company has particularly strong relationships with the fertilizer, agriculture and metal processing industries, helping to optimize their logistical supply chains. We have a strong foothold in the transportation of liquid chemicals and containers.  

Charter Haus AG is proud to be privately owned by the people who work day-to-day in the company. Instead of looking at short term profits, the company’s value is generated by long-term relationships with mutual support in an ever-changing business environment. At the same time, we provide our employees with a flat hierarchy, whilst allowing them to achieve their very best both personally and professionally.      



Specialised Tanker Chartering

Charter Haus AG's small and specialised tanker department comprehensively covers a diverse range of cargoes from chemicals and petroleum products to vegetable oils on a global basis. Our team of brokers has in-depth knowledge of spot chartering, contracts of affreightment and time-charters. No matter if cargoes are highly corrosive, toxic, edible or reactive, we always consider the carriage requirements. Our wealth of technical and operational experience guarantees the integrity of crew, vessel and cargo and ensures the highest level of post-fixture support.

Container Booking / Bulk Chartering

Charter Haus AG's clients are often diversified with exposure to both dry bulk and container freights. Our container booking and dry bulk chartering desk was established to comprehensively serve our customers' entire portfolio, with an emphasis on providing innovative solutions, operational problem solving as well as post fixture documentation processing. We compare bulk vs. containerised freight, guarantee container ocean freight quotation within the hour regardless of the trade lane and offer anything from the standard 20' Container to Out of Gauge (OOG) and ISO tank shipments. Our customized service includes the full range of operational matters such as the processing of customs clearance and dangerous goods declarations. 

Gas Chartering

Charter Haus AG's customers in the fertilizer sector often have exposure to the ammonia trade, both in and outside of the traditional long-term contracts and charters. We are dedicated to work with our clients towards greater transparency and efficiency, which includes increased market liquidity through spot shipments.  

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